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Capstar for Dogs - 26 - 125 lbs - GREEN - 6 tablets

Capstar for Dogs - 26 - 125 lbs - GREEN - 6 tablets
Part# 1201
Type Flea & Tick
Brand Capstar
Color / Dose Green Box
Pack Size 6 tablets
Pet For Dogs
Pet Weight 26 - 125lbs
Expires 2025-Sep-1
User Rating  [Rate It!]
4.8 out of 5
(10 times)  [View Details!]

Unit Price $27.80

Capstar protects your dog from fleas, which apart from being irritating to dogs, can also carry tapeworm and other illnesses, as well as infesting your home. Capstar for dogs, an orally-administered tablet, provides fast and efficient treatment for fleas, killing the pests within 30 minutes. A single dose of Capstar kills adult fleas on your dog and provides protection. Treating your dogs from fleas and parasites has never been so easy!


CAPSTAR Tablets should be administered according to the following schedule. Weigh your pet prior to administration to ensure proper dosage. Do not administer to pets under 2 pounds.

Color Pets Weight (lb) Weight (kg) Nitenpyram/Tablet
Blue Small Dogs & Cats 2 - 25lbs 1 to 11.4kg 11.4mg
Green Dogs Only 25.1 - 125lbs 11.5 - 57kg 57.0mg

Manufacturer : Novartis Animal Health

5 - by Easy Deazy "D", Inya, AZ USA on 2010-Dec-17
Works as described on box (~90% of fleas gone within 2 days) - Wow, this product works. It's not a FULL killer of fleas as stated on the box, but it has rid pretty much all fleas in my semi-big infestation. (even says it on the box that it only kills ADULT FLEAS while the eggs remain left.). You must get the flea eggs off with other products it says. Anyways, about this product. My dog (100 pounds or so) had very annoying fleas and was constantly itching ALL DAY! It got so bad he started getting flaky, dry skin around his stomach area -- which is supposedly caused by the fleas as well. I needed something fast as regular baths could not stop the fleas! This product states it kills 90% of fleas within 2 days, so I ordered. After taking ONE PILL I noticed the next day that my dog was not annoying me as much when he did all his constant itching. I looked through his coat and did find one or two remaining though, so 90% I would say was killed as he had lots more before. I gave him another pill about 3 days after the first pill (hid it in between 2 doritos hah, he hated the taste of the pill by the way so you probably want to hide it in a treat) After a week I would say they are 95-99% gone! NO MORE BUGS PRETTY MUCH, NO MORE ANNOYING ME WITH THE CONSTANT SCRATCHING....... AWESOME PRODUCT! And I still have 4 of the 6 pills left in case they come back! One last thing, I have noticed more fleas attacking me still from my house after about 5 days, not actually from the dog now though but just small rugs and such around the house. I threw out all the little carpets and towels that had somehow made home to the remaining fleas. Now after about day 7 or 8, not a single flea has bothered me, my family, or the dog. A major confirmation that these fleas HATE this type of medicine......They will surely die off pretty good and now I am left with a normal, non-annoying dog with NO annoying bugs! :-D
5 - by Lisa Adams on 2010-Aug-30
Skeptic turned into a believer! - This product is AMAZING! I had tried everything to get rid of my dog's flea problem, but she kept getting reinfested. I ordered Capstar out of desperation and didn't believe it could actually do what it says. I gave my dog a pill wrapped in cheese and waited. She went to sleep, and when she got up about an hour later, there were dead fleas all over the floor where she had been laying. I was amazed (and a little grossed out!)!! I vaccuumed everything, washed her bed, and gave her a bath the same day as the Capstar to get rid of any eggs. Capstar does not kill eggs, only active adult fleas. She has been completely flea-free since then! I cannot say enough great things about this product. TIP: Clean your dog's bed and sweep or vaccuum about 5 or 6 hours after giving the Capstar pill. I noticed that some fleas "jumped ship" from my dog but weren't completely dead. I'm not sure if they would have eventually died or not, but it's best to get rid of them while they're incapacitated!! For the price, you cannot afford not to try this if you are having a flea problem.
5 - by Shiloh True "Rabid Reader", Texas on 2010-Aug-28
Practically a miracle! - After an extended drought, followed by excessive spring rains, we've had fleas on top of fleas this summer. To complicate matters, I have a 126 pound, plush-coated, Shiloh Shepherd, with plenty of room for fleas to create uncomfortable mischief. And, he's an 'inside' dog, too. Hello, fleas! I hate chemicals, but fleas are a potential risk factor as well, so I had to eliminate, or control them. I did not want my dog to develop flea allergies, or nasty tapeworms. So, I decided to give the product a try. I was amazed at its effectiveness. Within half an hour, I could see fleas wanting to escape the dog, by crawling to the surface of the coat. Be warned, that your pet may appear agitated, and may whine and scratch excessively, as those fleas are in chaotic motion. At first, I thought my dog might be having a bad reaction to the chemicals, but it was simply the fleas squirming and dying off. He had no other observable side effects to the product. After the Capstar had done its magic, the poor boy slept so comfortably, making up for lost zzzzz's from the itching. I followed the Capstar with Advantage, and only moderate environmental control. I now have a relaxed, contented Shiloh. I will never be without Capstar for those epidemic outbreaks.
3 - by book finatic, florida on 2010-Jun-27
ok product not to be used alone - This product DOES start working within the 30 minutes to an hour that it promises HOWEVER, keep in mind that this product is to kill ONLY adult fleas and should be used in conjunction with other preventative remedies. We have our dog on Program flea control to kill eggs but our yard needs to be sprayed as well in order for these to truly work as they were made to. It kills the ones on the dog itself and perhaps the ones in your house but not ALL the fleas. You will need to give this to you dog atleast twice depending on the infestation
5 - by ericatdallas "ericatdallas", Dallas, Texas USA on 2010-May-24
Use in conjunction with Program Tablets (Lufenuron) - My wife and I fought a flea problem for months. We used Frontline and we flea bombed the condo with no luck. We then started using this in conjunction with Program Tablets (Lufenuron) and Frontline and that seeemed to do the trick. However, we stopped using Frontline and there still isn't a flea problem. Our neighbors still complain about flea problems (we think it might be the shared yard as there is a lot of dog traffic). Our complex treated the yard and our neighbors had professionals come to exterminate the fleas. Still no luck for them but our dog is flea free. Lufenuron prevents fleas from breeding while Capstar kills them.
5 - by Wj Hanson "WPPH", Palm Beach,fl USA on 2010-May-15
Flea Bag - We have had a terrible time with Flea infestations here in south Florida and this seems to be the onlyproduct that gives my dog relief.
5 - by Mary E. Pearce, New Bern, NC USA on 2010-Feb-18
Watch them die!! - I love this product!! I give the dog her pill (I use the smaller dose for my cats and Italian Greyhound as needed) and within an hour, the fleas are falling off, dead!! Far far better than any powder or shampoo I have ever tried, Better than any of the collars as well. Highly recommended.
5 - by Noddy Boffin, USA on 2010-Feb-13
Immediate relief for flea infested animals. - I do a lot of animal rescue work. Capstar works within hours to kill all fleas. The fleas literally jump off and die. You might want to keep the animal contained in one room like a bathroom for a few hours because you will be cleaning up dead fleas off the floor. Yes, it is that effective. For animals with a nasty flea infestation it brings fast relief. This product only kills adult fleas, it doesn't kill eggs so you must follow up with a topical product like Frontline or Revolution. However if your animal is allergic to topicals this product is safe to give as often as every day. If your poor pet is suffering with fleas use this product first to kill all the fleas immediately then follow up with Frontline or Revolution. The seller, Entirely Pets, was fantastic. Received product within days.
5 - by Rottie Mom, Georgia, USA on 2010-Jan-26
Toss the spray - My dog will run and hide if the spray bottle of flea killer comes out. No more worrying if you have covered all areas of your animal, getting chemicals on your skin and breathing that stuff in. Capstar works quickly and dead fleas just drop off!
5 - by Tax Accountant "Tax Accountant", Nevada on 2009-Sep-26
Safest product for sick or elderly animals - Capstar is safe for use in cats and dogs that are sick. It is the Best medicine to stop an infestation-- you will see the fleas actually die before your eyes (not an exaggeration) put your dog or cat on a white towel and give him/her capstar and just watch what happens. UNLIKE other products, you can use Capstar in very young animals, even sick puppies and kittens. It is NOT long-lasting, but you can safely use it up to once per day. I used to work at a veterinary hospital and they gave Capstar and Program to animals that were infested with fleas, but sick, since they are safer alternatives to Advantage and Frontline (read the insert for Advantage, it actually says that it's not safe for sick animals OR kittens). My cat is allergic to Frontline and Advantage, which are topical pesticides that get ingested when the cat grooms itself. He would get a lump on his neck wherever I would apply it, so I stopped using topical insecticide for flea control. I really like Program, and I use it in conjuction with Capstar if he picks up live fleas. Even if your cat has a flea infestation, just give them Capstar and then use Program. Capstar which works faster than anything else, and kills all the fleas on your cat in 5-30 minutes, but is not long-lasting. The people that give this product a bad review need to realize that if you cat is infested, you need to do something about the active fleas and the eggs. Program is an ovacide that prevents fleas from reproducing so it won't stop an infestation, but it's so much safer for your cat. Capstar works instantly to kill all biting fleas, but it won't last. So if you use both, you can control fleas completely without using a topical pesticide that is dangerous to your cat when it grooms itself. As a side note, if your cat (or dog) ingest the fleas while they are grooming or licking themselves, sometimes they will get tapeworms, which look like little grains of rice near their anus and bedding. My cat gets tapeworms about every 2 years or so. You can purchase tapeworm tabs without a prescription now in the US. The medicine is called Praziquantel and is available online for about $15. So I have all three at my house and I'm all set. I'll never go back to using topical flea products.

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