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Profender Spon On for Cats 1 - 5 lbs - GREEN - 2 tubes

Profender Spon On for Cats 1 - 5 lbs - GREEN - 2 tubes
Part# 1210
Type Wormers
Brand Profender Spot On
Color / Dose Green Box
Pack Size 2 tubes
Pet For Cats
Pet Weight 1 to 5 lbs
Expires 2026-Jun-1
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Unit Price $21.70

Profender is the first-ever, topical dewormer used to treat and control intestinal parasites in cats, such as hookworms, tapeworms and roundworms. Profender is easy to use, safe and effective, usually works in a single-dose capacity.

Profender works by using the time-tested active ingredient praziquantel and a unique compound called emodepside to eradicate intestinal parasites. Once Profender encounters your cat's skin, it rapidly enters the bloodstream and travels to the intestines, controlling and eliminating unwanted parasites.


  • Apply only once to your pet's skin and use the entire contents for one application.
  • Twist cap off the appropriate tube of Profender based on your cat's weight and part your pet's hair at the base of the neck until your cat's skin is visible (be sure your cat's skin is dry).
  • Place the tip of the tube on the exposed skin and squeeze entire contents directly onto your cat's skin. Lift tube away from the skin before releasing pressure on the tube.

Color Weight (lb) Weight (kg) Praziquantel Emodepside
Green 1.1 - 5.5 lbs 0.5 - 2.5 kg 30 mg 7.5 mg
Blue 5.5 - 11 lbs 2.5 - 5.0 kg 60 mg 15 mg
Red 11 - 17.6 lbs 5.0 - 8.0 kg 96 mg 24 mg

Not for use on kittens under 8 weeks old or those under 1.1 lbs. and safe use in breeding, pregnant, or lactating pets has not been determined. Use with caution in sick or debilitated cats. Keep out of reach of children, and to prevent accidental ingestion of the product, children should not come in contact with the application site for 24 hours while the product is being absorbed. Pregnant women or women who may become pregnant should avoid direct contact with, or wear disposable gloves when applying this product.

Manufacturer : Bayer Animal Health

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